Discovering ancient Lisbon

So I recently rediscovered my blog. I’ve totally forgotten about it, and I think it’s about time to pick things up where I left them. Because I have a lot to tell you guys.

In the beginning of the year I started studying Archaeology. I joined the fraternity and at the end of the 1st semester we would go to Lisbon, Portugal and learn about the city’s history.  We have seen so much in these 5 days. Mostly palaces, archaeological museums, defence buildings, .. At the end of the day we were all very tired because there are soooo many hills. But I must say, all the buildings, views that I’ve saw, the story’s that I’ve heard are quite interesting. Besides Lisbon I really think you should check out Sintra as well. It is very impressive and breathtaking. Make sure you are ready to step up your game (literally).

It’s been 6 months now since I was there and my memory isn’t that good so I’ve picked a few pictures out for you guys.

My next post will be about Budapest, Hungary and I promise that will be more extensive.

Take care,

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What to do in Zagreb, Croatia

  1. Zagreb Cathedral: You definitely should check the cathedral out. It’s beautiful on the outside and inside. It is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and to kings Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislaus. The style is typically Gothic. Inside you can find the Sarcophagus of blessed Alojzije Stepinac. In front of the cathedral you can see the changing of guards. It’s very impressive.balkan zagreb cathedral-L
  2. Shop at Zagreb’s farmers’ markets: This takes place at the main square. It’s nice to check all of it out.
  3. Go to the parks: The parks are just lovely. Very chill and relaxing, so after a day in the crowded city you can always go there and just enjoy the view and watch other people or put some music on.
  4. Watch the whale: This is absolutely stunning! The huge whale is done by a French artist called Etien’, known for his anamorphosis-artworks. The address is: Panoramic View-Point of Zagreb City Strossmayerovo šetalište, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia whale
  5. Go to museums: There are tuns of them really! And all very close to each other. Go to an information point and ask for a map. They’re all on it! Make sure you go in the morning because if it’s a good day there will be waiting lines for more than an hour!
  6. Stone gate: “History of Stone Gate is by far more interesting than any other. It is sure that Stone Gate exists since 1266. despite the first mention dates only back to 1492. In 17th and 18th century, Stone Gate was damaged in fires four times: 1645., 1674., 1706. and 1731. The city was mainly made out of wood and fires were a frequent occurrence. During the last fire (in 1731.), Stone Gate was damaged badly but one painting remained intact – the painting of Virgin Mary with baby Jesus. Widow Modlar, the owner of it built a chapel inside of Stone Gate where it still stands (named “The Virgin and Child”), guarded by an impressive baroque fence, built in 1778. by craftsman Ivan Korta from Zagreb. Author and age of the painting are unknown, but it is a common opinion among experts that it is a work of a talented native artist.The painting shows Virgin Mary as a ruler with a sceptre in her left hand and baby Jesus in her right hand, while Jesus holds a small globe in his left hand. It was painted on linen, sized 57×47 cm. On the 200th anniversary of its miraculous preservation in the fire it was crowned with a golden crown.


Pictures aren’t mine, my lens got broken on my trip. 😦 

You should definitely check Zagreb out but not for like more than 3 days. There isn’t much interesting to do out of the centre.


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Main Square Hostel – Zagreb, Croatia

mshostel_-74-of-88Photo from site:

This hostel is on a side street of the main square. And a little bit hard to find. The hostel is really cool on the inside. All major Zagreb attractions are located nearby hostel, within walking distance so that is a very big plus.

The bed where you sleep in is absolutely amazing! It’s like a cube where you live in and inside you’ve got a shelf, writing lamp and a wall socket. I’ve slept like an angel in here! This hostel has no shared kitchen. Which is not that bad because there are a lot and I mean a lot of dining places nearby.


There is free wifi in the building, a cute living room, big lockers and a 24/7 reception. (The guy who took care of me was very kind and helpful!) Everything is also very very clean. Not a single substance! You’ve got great showers and toilets (not mixed, for men and women apart). I only stayed for one night here so there isn’t much more to tell.

If you go to Zagreb then you should definitely book a room at the Main Square Hostel.

Hygiene: ★★★★★

If I would rate this hostel: ★★★★☆


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Funk Lounge Hostel – Zagreb, Croatia

funk-lounge-hostelPicture form site:

This hostel is amazing! The rooms are big and very clean. You even have an own private bathroom in each dorm. The lockers are very big so no problem if you’re carrying a big backpack like me.  You can walk towards the centre or take the tram (2 stops only) for like 4 kuna which is nothing. You’ve got a nice cozy sitting room with tv and lots of blankets and a good equipped kitchen. The only bad thing that I have to say is that there is no microwave.


The people are very friendly and open towards there guests. The lady who checked me in was very surprised that I didn’t had any questions. She is so enthusiastic! When you check in you get a free shot! Next to the hostel you’ve got the funk restaurant and bar. Great prices! I had a burger and some water and I didn’t had to pay more than 50 kunas (around 6,75 euros). And it was delicious! And for some reason very red…

The people that I’ve met here where so friendly and open. We cooked together, talked about our trips and stuff. At the evening I was sitting with Kyle (a New-Zealander) in the living room, and two girls came towards us because they wanted to show us magic tricks. It was crazy in my opinion. She explained a few of them, I finally understand! Later that evening we were playing poker. The winner of each round gets a free shot. Guess what I ended up with 5 of them and Kyle with 1. So the bar was still open and me and Kyle were getting our free Jägermeister shots! (I’ve given two to Kyle so we were equal.) After we had two of them we had to insert a break. So we ordered some coke. Last shot in and we were tipsy for the night. Suddenly he realized that he had put some Czech beer in the freezer. So we went upstairs back to the living room. We had great talks and laughs, and most of all great Czech beer!

I never felt alone here, it really felt like I’ve been there for ages, like home. Go check it out!

If I would rate this hostel: ★★★★1/2


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And off we go!

I landed at the airport of Zagreb. Fully excited I arranged a bus that took me to the centre of Zagreb. After half an hour walking towards my hostel (Funk Lounge Hostel, I write a review later.) I finally could take my backpack off. For some reason my backpack weighs soooo much. It’s not normal! And I don’t carry special stuff except my laptop. I was really tired after a half an hour walk. (I’m thinking about throwing a bit of stuff away..) I’m sleeping in a dorm with 6 beds in it. You’ve got Leeyeonju (Lee) and 2 Irish guys (didn’t understand there names because of their accents, sorry not sorry.)

I don’t know what to think of Zagreb. For some reason I find it quite boring and not that beautiful. But on the other hand it is very authentic and interesting. You’ve got a tons of museums here but I think they’re overrated. They’re rather small and the work is from people I never ever heard of. But besides that it’s definitely worth it to take a look! You can only learn from it.

Keep an eye on this blog because in a few days my review about Zagreb and what you should visit will come online!


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Shame in Copenhagen

In 2016 in August I took the plane together with my cousin to Copenhagen, Denmark. Not knowing it would be a huge chaos!

To begin with, I was in charge of getting us a sleeping place. Mission failed.  We both wanted to couch surf, so I got with my profile online and searched for hosts. The day before we left I called my cousin to say that I didn’t find anyone that would host us. He was angry and I didn’t blame him for that, it was my fault. I said to him that we just take the plane and when we arrive we would ask people to give us shelter. Once we arrived in Copenhagen we started asking people. But no one had place for us. At that moment we both realized: ‘We’re screwed.’ So we realized that we couldn’t find a sleeping place just by asking so we decided to go to hostels. Unfortunately, they were all fully booked. The other option was to go to hotels and ask for discount. So once we arrived at a hotel we acted like we were a couple and that we only needed one bed. Mission accomplished! But it was so expensive! Sadly the rooms were absolutely disgusting. There were like hairs in the bed, no fresh sheets. The floor was all dirty and the bathroom was underwater. But we had a place to stay and that was the most important thing.


First day to explore this city. The first thing on our list was to visit ‘the Little Mermaid’. And yes, very little it is. It’s displayed on a rock by the waterside. There were so many tourists there it was incredible, I lost my cousin for like five times! And honestly it was a little disappointing, we could have used the time to get there for something else to explore because I didn’t find it that interesting. Next on our list was ‘the Round Tower’. It’s a tower build in 17th century used as observatory.

“To get there you need to walk up the spiral walk, which is 268,5 meters long at the outer wall and only 85,5 meters long close to the core of the building. This means that you walk around 209 meters to get to top even though the tower is only 36 meters tall.”

The view at the top is stunning! Halfway the spiral walk there is a library hall. Here once housed the entire book collection of the university. Now it’s used for exhibitions of art, culture, history and science. There is also a floating glass floor. It’s in the middle of the tower as you can see in the picture below. If you stand on the glass you’ll be hovering 25 metres above the ground.


Till now there wasn’t much shame, right? Well, here it comes. We decided that evening to go out and have dinner in Nyhavn. So we settled us at the water side. Like in the pictures! The food was great and it wasn’t that expensive actually. So I wanted to pay with my credit card and then I heard the noise that no one wants to hear. My heart stopped. We were both in panic. The waitress tried a smaller amount to pay, but still I heard the noise. We had not enough money. Everyone was staring at us. The boss came over and asked what was going on.. So embarrassing. The coins that we had in our pockets weren’t enough. My cousin tried to pay with his card, but for some kind of reason the machine declined his cart. He left and searched for a bank, and I sat there alone by myself. Believe me it was horrible. I felt so ashamed. I had an empty battery so I couldn’t reach him. After 2 hours of people who were staring at me he came back. Sadly enough he had no money with him. We took all our coins and gave it to them. We offered to do a transfer but they weren’t interested. (I think they just wanted us to leave.) So after hours of stress, angry faces and no money, we left. All our money was gone. We got back to our hotel and I texted my dad to put more money on my bank account, hoping that I could receive it the next day.

Christiansborg Palace was the next stop. We got a look inside and wow, just wow. Incredible! The palace is so big and colorful! There are also ruins underneath the palace. We decided to give it a look. The history behind these ruins is amazing. You should definitely check this out! The ruins were remainings of the wall from Bishop Absalon’s Castle from the 11th century. The wall protected the Castle from pirates. It was several times chipped off and rebuilt again.


Freetown Christiania my favorite place!

“Freetown Christiania is a green and car-free neighbourhood in Copenhagen, best known for its autonomous inhabitants’ different way of life. It was established in 1971 by a group of hippies who occupied some abandoned military barracks on the site and developed their own set of society rules, completely independent of the Danish government.”

This place is so colorful and made me instant happy. It’s a mix of homemade houses, workshops, music venues, cheap and organic eateries, art galleries and beautiful nature. It is still a society within a society, for an example you cannot buy a house in Christiania. You have to apply for it, and if you have success it is given to you. Everyone can just walk in into this magical place. But beware: You should not take photographs or film. There is one street, Pusher street, you must be extra careful here! Many Christianites deal hash in this street. (Which is still illegal in Denmark.) There faces are covered with bivouacs. My stupid stupid cousin held is phone up and… a dozen of these creepy people came towards us. My god I was scared. They started yelling and they wanted to take is phone and punch him right in the face. I pulled him away and we walked away as fast as we could. Beside all of that, you should definitely check this place out! (There’s a nice little tea shop and a market!)


It’s 7 p.m and we wanted to eat something. (I had received the money btw.) But old story all over, not enough! But I will spare that story for this time. After that we wanted to check the gardens of Frederiksborg Castle. On our way to it my cousin wanted to have a cigarette so he asked a lady nearby. Long story short, we talked with this lady who was actually an ex junkie for 2 hours long! We learned a lot about her life and life in general. Don’t do drugs guys!  It was already dark and we decide to still go to the castle. We saw an old Chinese man. He didn’t work there but he wanted to give us a quick tour. So we led up our cell phone flashlight. We saw incredible things! (Yes, in the dark.) In these gardens you find different remake buildings with their own story. We even saw elephants..


You can say that this trip was pretty crazy. And I’m sure that I can speak in my cousin’s name also that we’ve learned a lot on this trip, saw incredible things, were scared sometimes, but most of all: We enjoyed it!


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Croatia, first of many

In two weeks I’ll be leaving my hometown and explore Croatia. Yes, it is about time! 

When I was a kid, I dreamed of going to explore the world, be an individual with no prejudices and just enjoy many of little things. I wanted to go to Cambodia, Congo, Peru and many others. I had this little intrusive feeling that I had to go.  Just leave everything behind and live in the present. But of course my parents wouldn’t let a 13 year old kid go. When I was 15 I went to South-Africa with my family. This was our first big trip out of Europe. And since that moment my feeling of going away was stronger than ever before. They call this feeling ‘Wanderlust’. I felt so connected with nature and the animals at that time. And I knew, someday I will retrieve that feeling. Now I’m 19 years old and my plans are made. I’m going on my first solo trip!

You guys are probably thinking ‘Is she crazy..’ Well the answer is Yes’. I’ve never travelled by myself before and last year was the first time that I went to another country without my parents. Just me and my cousin. Well this is just a level-up for me! And of course I’m aware that I’m  a young girl who is alone, but really, I don’t care. I have a few options for my safety. I introduce you to ‘Polarsteps‘, it’s a great app that tracks your route. Even when you have no internet! Your followers and the people who you’ve shared the link with can see all the way that you’ve traveled. You can even add pictures to it! This is something very handy because thanks to this app I don’t have to text my parents where I’m at and if I’m still alive. And that is something very important to me, not thinking about home. Because that’s part of the reason why I’m going. So that’s the part with the parents. Then you have creepy guys who are intimate and inappropriate, solution: Pepperspray and a hard kick right into the balls!

As far as sleeping places are concerned. No I’m not going to stay in 4 star hotels. I’m going to stay in a few hostels, try couchsurfing and campsites. I’ll bring with me: a tent, sleeping math and a sleeping bag. I’m a very social person so that shouldn’t be a problem. In this way I really hope to see their way of living and the differences with mine. Make conversations that I’ll remember and share my thoughts and opinions on many sides.

I’ll be blogging while I’m traveling so check this blog once in a while! I already know now that this is going to be the best decision in my life so far. And I can’t wait to take that plane and be gone for a while!


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